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Prayer Wall


My family and I are moving out of state, which is significant for us. Please pray for an easy move and that we be able to get settled in a great community and schools.


My daughter has been sick for months, and we are not able to figure out what it is. Pray we find the best doctor to help us and she feels better very soon.


I just started working after 20 years of being home-raising my kiddos. Pray I enjoy this next chapter and, like everyone, I'll be working with. I have a smooth transition away from home after so long not working.


My son is away at college, and we are missing him. Pray he keeps in contact with us and comes to visit more. He enjoys his experience and finds what he wants to do as he attends school.


My mother was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Pray she can get through this hard time, and that we can support her physically and financially with all the medical bills. She experiences healing and is cancer-free.


Please pray for my family to finally come together and we are able to have our reunion next year. We have all separated for years, and God answers my prayer for reconciliation so we can get back to spending quality time together.


Pray for my daughter's friend group that she finds quality friends who are level-headed and that she does not fall under peer pressure.


Please pray for my husband's job that he will stay employed and be able to provide for our family. He may get laid off.


Please pray for my son going into surgery. Pray for a quick recovery!

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